Green Pass – Digital Certificate for Covid-19 vaccine and serological tests

My Health Passport – Green Pass allows certifying the authenticity of the vaccination certificate or the outcome of the Covid-19 test /swab to prove its validity universally by comfortably showing a QR code.

Blockchain technology allows you to safely simplify data loading and make it accessible remotely, exclusively to authorized subjects.

We could return to travel, access events and public places by merely showing a universally verifiable credential quickly and intuitively.


How does it work?

The attending physician, pharmacist, healthcare professional or hospital company registers the vaccination certificate or the outcome of the Covid-19 test/swab through the My Health Passport – Green Pass platform, notarizing it on the Public and Permissionless Blockchain of Algorand. The registrant guarantees the authenticity and authorship of the digital certificate issued and sent to the patient who carried out the vaccine or test through his public address.

Simultaneously, the notarization on Blockchain ensures with the Timestamp the real date of issue of the certificate.


…In Detail

Blockchain always records the unique fingerprint of the certificate or hash.
Thanks to the cryptographic function used, two documents with the same hash cannot coexist.
Therefore, falsifying a document that has a hash associated with it is practically impossible.

The result is that the health passportโ€™s certificate is easily verifiable by anyone simply framing the QR-code contained in the My Health Passport – Green Pass notarization receipt.

Also, through the platform, the patient can be authorized by healthcare professionals to download the original certificate of vaccination or the test that he can also share with anyone who should carry out checks, thus showing a demonstrable credential at the same time guaranteeing his privacy.

In this way, the user will obtain a downloadable and printable health passport containing information about the laboratory/ASL/doctor or healthcare professional who carried out the test or administered the vaccine. Therefore, a unique, verifiable and universal vaccination passport.


How to use

Why choose the digital certificate?

covid-19 vaccine

covid-19 test

Easy access via QR code

recognized health passport



What My Health Passport – Green Pass offers

Proof of immutability and authenticity of the vaccination certificate

Multiple signature to certify the certificate delivery receipt

Custody of the original certificate in encrypted form by the healthcare professional


Proof of authorship and easy verification of the certificate

GdpR compliance easily verifiable universal credential

Video – My Health Passport – Green Pass at Hangar21 inauguration

With My Health Passport you go back to doing what you love with blockchain security and keeping full control of your data


Algorand blockchain-based health passport launched

Algorand blockchain-based health passport launched

The digital health passport is a fast and reliable tool to allow citizens to travel across borders, avoiding quarantine, and access to events and public services safely. [...] In this challenge,...

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